Matmi were commissioned by BBC Wales Interactive and CBBC to create a brand new cross-platform HTML5 game for the popular children’s show Wizards vs. Aliens. The game was aimed at 6-12 year old’s, and intended to act as an extension to the much-loved TV show.

Puzzle Peril combines physics and magic to take children on a journey with characters Tom and Benny and can be played online, on mobile and on tablet devices. The game plays out over three unique chapters. “The Chamber of Crowe” is now live and will be followed in the coming months by “Benny’s Shed” and “The Zarantulus” – keeping both the content and game play fresh.

Our Strategy

The HTML5 framework we developed also works in non-HTML5 browsers – the game works cross-platform no matter which device you use. It  achieves multiple sound channels in iOS and includes accessibility support, allowing the interface to be controlled with only the keyboard.

Our founder and MD, Jeff Coghlan, is famous for pushing boundaries and championing cross-platform products to allow users both freedom and choice:

“We wanted to produce a game framework that was accessible via any device and any browser that felt like a native app. HTML5 with a DOM fallback helped us achieve our goal. It’s been a challenging process and has taken months of development, so we are pleased that it’s turned out so good.”

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