Instagram Leaks Image of its Snapchat Competitor, Bolt

Instagram seems to have accidentally posted a link to its new “one tap photo messaging app” Bolt inside Instagram for Android. Tapping the “free” button yields a dead end in the Google Play Store.

But What Does Lorde Think of The Oculus Rift?

Calling Zuckerburg and Lucky: if you ever need a box quote for the Rift’s commercial launch, you are all set.

Snapchat Adds Filters That Unlock Art Based on Your Location

Snapchat just added a collection of geo-filters to its popular app, allowing users to add fun labels to their snaps based on wherever they’re located.

Is Tech Ruining Football or Making it Better?

During this World Cup we have seen a virtual replay of every goal showing the ball crossing the line. This got me thinking, is technology ruining football or is it in fact enhancing the fans experience?

Are Casual Indie Games a Thing?

Amongst all the AAA titles we sometimes forget about the little guys, the people that start off small and grow to flourish into something much bigger.

Matmi’s Top Five Picks of the Month!

Five of the best apps, games, plugins and websites we’ve stumbled upon this month.

The 8 Most Annoying Things Your Phone Does in Summer

Summer’s in full swing, and with it comes cellphone problems and dangers. Here are tips and tricks for annoying things your phone does during the summer.

Matmi’s New Fruit Machine Game for Appletiser!

We’ve been working with Howell Penny and Appletiser to create a fun, instant win, HTML5 fruit machine game for the Ocado website.

A Look Back: Optathlon

In 2010 Matmi were approached by Barrie D’Rozario Murphy to produce five free-to-play online and mobile games for United Airlines. Now we don’t like to brag but the results were pretty great, and it certainly affected the way we make games today.

The Beautiful Surreal Worlds of Erik Johansson

Photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson produces some remarkable illusions. If you are curious about how his latest image–entitled Landfall–was put together then this video has a lot of the answers as Erik takes us through the process from concept to completion.

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