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Unity3D Dev advice! Accessors Are Bad – Caching Is Good!

Unity3D is an amazing tool; It makes development a dream. It introduces coding to novices without limiting their capabilities. It removes the headaches from coding the core engine, 3D renderer, sound system and all of the components required for a good, stable, usable 3D engine by having them already there ready for you to use.

Matmi’s Tom and the Ludum Dare contest

Matmi’s whipper-snapper Tom has so much boundless energy he even has time to make his own little games to enter competitions. His latest game came an incredible 11th out 3500 applicants – queue round of applause please.

So we found ten minutes to sit down with him and ask some questions.

Matmi Gives Nivea Game a HTML5 Upgrade

Matmi have just launched an updated HTML5 version of the “Mementos of Closeness” game for our friends over at Nivea and ITV. We were asked to update the previous flash version of the popular hidden objects game that we created last year adding a new colourful jubilee themed level for 2012. The thinking behind the HTML5…

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