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“Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should!”

In this pre-Christmas post from our founder Jeff Coghlan, and following on from his recent talk at the brilliant SASCon event (Organised by the equally fantastic Ear to the ground) he warns his fellow creatives to stop always shooting for the obvious target. Just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should! We’ve got to be…

Festive Frenzy – The 2014 edition!

…Bringing Christmas cheer to your mobile for the second year running! We always like to look back at some of the cool games and apps we’ve done in the past but sometimes we get to refresh them and bring them out to a new audience too. Last Christmas we produced Festive Frenzy – a fun…

Babybel Buddies get into the festive spirit

As Christmas edges closer and closer, we’re celebrating at Matmi Towers with the first of several festive-themed titles. The Babybel Buddies, who first made their debut back in October in the Babybel Buddies Bowling Halloween edition, are now all rugged up and ready for the icy blasts of winter in this Christmas themed update. You…

Adventures in Letterpress!

While we are connoisseurs of digital, every now and then we like to ground ourselves back to the physical. This year we looked towards a more traditional, tactile approach for our limited run of  Matmi Christmas cards, rather than the usual digital e-card/digital print. So we kicked off with some sketches and initial mock-ups. At…

Is Free To Play Dead?

Jeff had great fun at Apps World last week in London when he joined a panel discussion with Big Point, Kabam and Creative Mobile, ably chaired by PocketGamer’s Jon Jordan. The guys had a spirited conversation about the current and future trends in the mobile gaming marketplace and Jeff stirred up some animated exchanges when…

Check Out The Trailer We Made For Babybel Buddies Bowling!

If you haven’t downloaded Babybel Buddies Bowling already (and you should, because it’s mega fun and FREE), you can now see the game in action in the spooky trailer we created.

We’ve Done A Spooky Halloween Game For Babybel!

Two things we love here at Matmi are Halloween and CHEESE! So imagine our excitement when Mini Babybel and RKCR/Y&R approached us to create a spooky bowling game for all the family to enjoy.

A Look Back At Football Games Through The Ages

With today being the launch of EA’s FIFA 15 we thought it was only right to look back through the years at some of the greatest football games.

Check Out The TV Advert For Our Blue September Keepy Uppy Challenge!

You may have already heard that we teamed up with Publicis Dublin to create a HTML5 game for men’s cancer awareness charity Blue September. Well the campaign now has a TV ad!

Check Out Our Charity Keepy Uppy Game For Blue September!

Football and charity are two things we’re all jumping on board with right now. If you haven’t been watching the Premier League over the last week, you have probably been chucking ice over your head for charity. Well now we’ve brought all of that together for a good cause!

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