Lucia’s World updates

Earlier this year we released our kid’s app, Lucia’s World. The app is centred around the wonderful world of imagination, fantasy and learning through the use of inclusivity, diversity and fun. Throughout the year we have been busy working on some new and exciting updates which are about to launch. We’re pleased to announce that…

DiaryZapp has some exciting news!

As some of you may already know we launched a children’s digital journal, named DiaryZapp, a number of years ago now. DiaryZapp’s original focus was to help limit “Brain Drain” in children during the summer holidays, and we’re pleased to tell you it’s coming back in 2021 with some new updates! The team behind DiaryZapp…

Matmi Educate releases a new educational game for Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service!

Matmi Educate were recently approached by Warwickshire Fire and Rescue service. In the past, we had the pleasure of working closely with several of the countries leading Fire Services to create a game called Sparkton. As technology has advanced Sparkton has now, unfortunately, become outdated and as such we decided it was time for a…

Lucia’s World

For the past 10 months Matmi Educate has been working with the wonderful children’s entertainer, Lucia Davies to produce a new app and entertainment channel called Lucia’s World. Lucia’s World is a pioneering interactive platform for the positive engagement of children through a wonderful world of imagination, fantasy and learning.  The main philosophy of Lucia’s…

DiaryZapp is helping kids during lockdown.

You may remember that we produced an app a couple of years ago called DiaryZapp. This app was designed to stop “brain drain” in kids during the holidays and allowed them to create their own digital diaries that they could share with their family and friends. Due to recent events the app is more relevant…

Calm on the Farm

We decided to utilise some of our free resources and reached out to Lucia Davies, to make a free online series called Calm on the Farm to try to help keep kids educated, entertained and happy during the current crisis. Lucia has done a fantastic job of rising to the challenge of creating content in…

Matmi launches new divisions – Matmi Educate

We were planning on launching Matmi Educate in a couple of months but the demand created by recent events has given us the impetus to bring that forward. We feel that keeping kids educated, entertained and happy during this difficult time is the most important way that we can contribute.

Fantastic Festive Fun

Then one foggy Christmas eve Matmi came to say:
“Rudolph, with your nose so bright
Won’t you play our game tonight?”

The Big Reveal… Gridwordz

For the past year we’ve been working on a secret game project called Gridwordz. I am pleased to announce that we have just released the game on iOS and Android.

Like a fine wine, some of the best tech products are years in the making. Gridwordz is both frustrating and addictive – but don’t take our word for it, check out the consistent 5 star reviews on the App Store. But part of its real charm – for us at Matmi, at least – is the backstory and how it ended up with us developing it.

An evening with Tech for Good Live

Jeff was invited to speak at Tech for Good’s ‘How to make people care’ event in February. Drawing on our experience working with the ICAEW and the UN on the 17 Global Goals project, Jeff talked about how gamification can be used to alter behaviour and bring about cultural change at the world’s largest corporations and make planet Earth a better place for future generations.

G,day mate, we’ve only gone and won another award. Bonzer!

G,day mate, we’ve only gone and won another award. Bonzer!

We’re fair dinkum stoked to announce the project we made for Queensland Tourism board on behalf of our client MDSG “Going for Gold” has just won an award for best microsite at the Travel Marketing awards.

Merry Christmas from Matmi

This year Santa decided to use the latest technology to help deliver the presents faster and get home in time for a cuppa tea and a mince pie. 

He got in touch with ourselves at Matmi’s MagicLabs and asked if we could build a super fancy augmented reality packing system, which would allow us to help Santa pack his sleigh from anywhere in the world. 

DiaryZapp – The App that Noah (10) thought up wins ‘Children’s App of the Year’ at UK App Awards

Like children up and down the country, Noah had been set the age old ‘My summer holiday diary’ homework by his teacher. He thought it was a bit boring. 18 months later, the summer homework project he set himself has been recognised as the Best Children’s App 2018 at the UK App Awards, earlier this month. It was also a finalist in the Best Educational App category.

Bringing the Magic back

Over the last year, we’ve refocussed on… well, bringing the magic back. We don’t want to be just another AR / VR / Creative marketing studio. There are plenty of highly competent ones out there already. And while we all need to make some money to pay the bills, we’re passionate about technology having a positive impact on people. So, we’ve decided to get back to what we like doing best. Having great ideas, taking risks, innovating, breaking boundaries (you get the idea) is what we were all about, and what we’re back at doing now.

Happy Halloween

Continuing to reimagine what the ghouls might get up to with a smartphone, and recognising that the kids aren’t on FaceBook anymore, we’re now one of the only UK creative studios making SnapChat lenses and games.

My experience at Matmi

I’d never had a particularly pleasant experience with education, I had struggled with multiple issues throughout primary and high school, I never enjoyed the environment, and the social situations often put me on edge, I had struggled with anxiety issues and concerns based around my later life and career.

DiaryZapp Shortlisted for UK App Award

Our app DiaryZapp has been shortlisted for the UK App Awards 2018, which are due to take place in November. DiaryZapp is shortlisted for two awards – Best Child App and Best Educational App – so we’ve got two chances to shine!

Can robots be creative?

There are two new faces at Matmi these days, with Lawrence and Derek joining the team, and they’re busy having a lunchtime debate on the future of technology. Lawrence is a designer, moving back up to his native north west after a few years in London. With a background in animation and corporate video production,…

Table Foosball Update

With it being my last week here at Matmi, we figured it was worth having an update on the table foosball. The main changes we wanted to make since the last update was the addition of a top down camera, and an update to the display graphics, we decided to move into Unity for ease…

Bon Voyage, Will!

Will the intern has been with us for the past 3 months but sadly it’s time for him to leave us to continue his studies at University. It’s been great having Will here, his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new things has made him a fantastic asset to the company. He quickly adapted to Matmi…

The digital nomad returns

Digital Nomad lifestyle whilst it lasted was an array of emotions in which I do not regret doing. I’d like to say a quick thank you to Jeff and Matmi for allowing me to undertake such a journey – allowing me to travel and work at the same time. If you ask me what country…

Glen on the road – from Developer to Digital Nomad… Week 3

Glen is entering week three of this two month long road trip and it feels like he’s been gone for three months already! As far as working with Glen goes, we haven’t noticed a difference thanks to apps such as Slack – we’ve been able to communicate in real-time, make cloud based called and send…

Glen on the road – from Developer to Digital Nomad… Week 2

Glen is in his second week of his European road trip and the miles are clocking up fast! Keep reading to see where Glen is this week and what adventures he’s had… It’s my second week as a digital nomad – we’ve had a bit of a resting period in our villa which I must…

It’s Pi Time We Played Some Table Football…

Table football, otherwise known as foosball, has been around since the 19th century, whether you’ve played it at home, in a pool hall, or in the corner of your local pub we all know the excitement in furiously spinning your strikers when you’re one goal away from a win. But when the competition is fierce…

Glen on the road – from Developer to Digital Nomad

This week, Glen – Matmi Developer has swapped his desk seat for his car seat as he embarks on his two month road trip across Europe.  Glen is proving that you don’t need to be at a desk to work, and by using technology such as the cloud, your work space can be anywhere in…

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