Multiball Pinball HD

Made by the same team that brought you the award winning Monster Pinball, a team that knows pinball inside and out, Multiball is the most intense, exciting and addictive Matmi pinball experience ever. Hosted by the loopy Mango, a ray-gun toting desperado with a love of fast and furious action, Multiball hits like an explosion and combines gorgeous graphics, realistic physics and amazing gameplay in an experience that is simply irresistible!

Fun for novices and pinball wizards alike and the first Matmi pinball game to feature multiple balls on the table at once. Can you keep not one, not two, but three balls rolling around the most feature packed table you’ve ever seen? Multiball is fast, smooth and a whole lot of fun; just one play and you’ll be hooked! Choose one of three difficulty levels, and launch your ball to begin; but be warned, once you start playing you won’t want to stop!

Features :

  •  3 levels of difficulty
  •  4 flippers
  •  Many bonuses; some linked to score multipliers
  •  Multiball with up to 3 balls at the same time!
  •  Varied and unique goals with deep and engaging gameplay
  •  60fps giving extra smooth gameplay
  •  Realistic Physics engine
  •  Accelerometer tilt function
  •  Amazing graphics and animations
  •  Unique sound effects in stereo
  •  Pause and Resume
  •  Local and Online scoreboards plus Facebook Connect
  •  Created specifically for the iPhone/iTouch
  •  Created by the wonderful minds of Matmi


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