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Statistics from comScore revealed that by January this year and in the US alone, Pinterest had achieved 11.7 million unique monthly users – faster than any ‘standalone‘ company ever before. But what about the C-word?

While I have spent the past few months rampantly pinning and re-pinning pictures other people own, at the back of my mind a small voice murmured, “but what about Copyright?” until I finally did some research.

Though some websites are negotiating with Pinterest (or Cold Brew Labs as they are corporately known) over the use of their content, they have so far protected themselves from lawsuits with a notification system where copyright holders can request their material is removed.

They have also cunningly relieved themselves of liability in their terms and conditions of usage, asking you to contractually agree that you are the “sole and exclusive owner” of any images you ‘pin’ and that you “have all rights, licenses, consents and releases that are necessary.”

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Mini Matmian ?

A fantastic, if not slightly un-nerving, post highlighting the legal issues that could arise on the digital freight train that is Pinterest. A hot issue that is threatening the very manner in which social media users share content, not just on Pinterest.

Will the latest kid on the social media block continue on its’ meteorical rise? Can fans of the site pin their hopes on it surviving the bubble effect? Will it go the way of MySpace or one day challenge Facebook/Twitter? It’s certainly an attractive proposition for the product based brands now getting in on the act, with a referal rate rivalling that of Twitter (according to a recent Sharaeaholic report).

Will users remain un-hindered in the enjoyment of pinning or will the weight of the copyright lawyers bear down upon them?

Want to know more about the legalities of content sharing on Pinterest? Read the full article here.  

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