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Play Festival Got Phygital With Matmi’s Rob!

We sent one of our developers off to Play Festival in Llanfyllin to show off our latest Phygital tricks using the Microsoft Kinect.

Matmi Got Marmalised!

Last week Matmians Jeff, Matt and Rob took a long awaited trip to Alton Towers to FINALLY ride The Smiler and test out the app (that in case you didn’t know, we developed!) in the theme park.

Infographic: Alice Through The Google Glass

An infographic on Google Glass including what it can do and the concerns surrounding it’s use.

Combine 3D Printing and Augmented Reality? Magic

Augmented reality and 3D printing, while very different technologies, circle around the same general concept: bridging the gap between the physical world and the digital world. 3D printing makes the digital physical, and augmented reality enhances the physical world with digital overlays.

The Smiler shortlisted at the Big Chip Awards!

You may have heard of the Matmi invasion at the 2011 Big Chip Awards, when we took home a record 5 awards in one evening! Well we are very pleased to announce our return, as The Smiler has been shortlisted for Best Digital Marketing Campaign at this years event.

A Sunny Smile for Augmented Reality

Take out your phone or tablet, load up The Smiler App (if you haven’t already, grab the app here), tap the scanner button and prepare to be amazed as the newspaper pages come to life!

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