Feline Good: Why Video Game Developers Love Cats

They tweet about them, they post photos of them, they write games about them. But what does this love of cats say about the game design process?

VIDEO: Matmi Talks Phygital for Creative England

In this series of videos shot by Creative England, respected business owners discuss key challenges and issues in the creative sector. Take a peek inside the Matmi studio and hear what Jeff has to say about the physical and digital worlds merging.

Matmi’s Top Five Picks of the Month!

Five of the best apps, games, plugins and websites we’ve stumbled upon this month.

Watch This Roller Coaster Transformed Into 360° Tiny Planet Panorama

Thanks to the Internet, one adrenaline junkie filmed a mega-ride with six fisheye lens, warping the footage into a blood-pumping ride that transforms a rollercoaster into a panoramic little planet.

World’s Most Delayed Software Released After 54 Years of Development

Xanadu, which began development in 1960, now has a working release, OpenXanadu

Jeff’s SAScon Keynote in Tweets!

Today, for the second year running Jeff was a keynote speaker at SAScon, one of the UK’s finest Search, Analytics and Social Conferences. We thought we’d leave it to Twitter to sum up his presentation on ‘The Human Interface’…

Advergames Are Not Making Your Children Fat: You Are!

In last night’s episode of Channel 4 Dispatches, the digital industry got a kicking for marketing unhealthy foods to children through advergames.

Matmi Creates Facebook Challenge for GT Academy!

Our latest project for Sony Playstation is officially out of the bag and ready to play NOW on Facebook!

Why Minimalism Trumps Complex Game Art

UK-based artist Katharine Morling is an award-winning artist specializing in ceramics. I can’t help admiring the stripped-back design style employed in these intriguing porcelain sculptures.

Five Super Illustrator Shortcuts and Time Savers

Illustrator is a great part of the digital designer’s workflow, but some of the best shortcuts and time savers are a little hard to find! Here are some of the best we have come across recently.

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