Meet the Staff…Our Social Media Guru, Sam

meet the staff : sam

Never short of words, and with a whole lot of advice and ideas for you – Matmi’s social media guru Sam shares his thoughts on the social stratosphere – buckle up and enjoy this great staff interview!

How did you get into Social Media and Blogging?

To be honest it was sort of an accident. I joined Matmi 3 years ago to be part of the flash game seeding team. Over the course of a few months I started to be involved in some content creation for a newsletter. Our blog at the time was dated so I took it upon myself to have a play with HTML at home and see if I create a more suitable space for our content to sit. The result was a edited tumblr page, with access to all of Matmi’s social networks. My role sort of grew from there really.

What would you say is your favourite part of the role at Matmi?

Difficult one to answer really. I suppose if I had to choose, I enjoy the content creation and curation side of things most. There is a certain satisfaction I get from having spent time of a piece of writing, publishing it and sharing it to then see reactions to it.

What are you most proud of in terms of what you have done for the company?

I think getting Matmi into a readiness state to capitalise on the power of social media, newsletters and content marketing. Building a social following on Twitter and surpassing the 3000 mark was quite a satisfying moment – even though I’m aware following numbers are meaningless if filled with spammers, dead accounts, auto follow backs etc. Still, who doesn’t like seeing large numbers of followers?

What are your top 5 favourite blogs?

I have so many that I almost feel guilty leaving some out. But gun to my noggin’, these are the 5 I would choose:

- - I like the tone of voice used in their articles along with the nice mix of interesting tech news and some less informative but amusing posts

- – A great and very popular site to pick up tips for social media. Again, I like their more informal style of writing

- – Similar to the site above except the articles usually dig deeper into topics, along with having a huge roster of writers – meaning I get a good cross-section of views on different aspects of the industry

- – I love this site. It has a great mix of tech news, social media, business, geeks corner, apps and design. A nice source for articles to curate, share or comment on. Again (a theme is appearing here), I prefer their informal writing style.

- – This is my last choice. On the face of it, it is has a much drier tone in its posts, however for keeping up with the latest trends in branding, marketing, PR and general media news it is a great source of information

To be fair, in this day and age with so much noise on the internet I rarely frequent one site. I usually use a news aggregator like Feedly which pulls in content from all my favourite sources.

What are you recommendations for anyone interested in pursuing a career in Social Media? 

Simple, get involved. Get to know the different social networks, experiment with them, learn what works and what doesn’t. See what other successful social media ‘experts’ do. Just dive right in, build up a document of any significant hints/tips you have learnt along the way.

Create your own blog relating to whatever interests you and practice content writing and sharing. Look into some basics regarding SEO keyword research for your content. Don’t be sold any packages that claim to ‘turn you into a social media pro overnight’. All you need is practice and dedication.

What are your predictions for the future of social media, and do you have any new ideas for innovation and change within Matmi’s social profile?

Predications for the future of social media hey. In such a fast moving space where new networks pop up, like Pinterest, it is less about accurate predictions and more about being able to adapt quickly to the changes, either with new networks or changes to current ones. Pinterest obviously had a huge impact on social media, in a way no one saw coming. The very visual style of the site has caught on all over the internet, with established networks like Twitter and Facebook adapting their interfaces slightly to try and capitalise on imagery.

The biggest thing I can foresee happening is the manner in which we consume content via social media. With the onset of IPTV, mobile usage, second screen apps etc., social media is going to play an even larger role in our everyday lives – brands and media will become even more accessible via social media. If you think you already have the dreaded case of ‘social media fatigue’, you havn’t seen anything yet.

Regarding Matmi’s own social presence, we will be looking to narrow down and focus our attentions on a few core networks based on our intended audience. There will be a greater emphasis on content creation, along with making more direct contact with individuals through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Einstein has been credited with the phrase “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” What do you feel you have learnt since leaving formal education and working at Matmi?

A lot. I have learnt basic HTML skills, understanding of the effectiveness of newsletters, analysing statistics to adapt strategies, how to create a blog from scratch, different uses for each social network, keyword research along with a basic grasp of SEO techniques. Oh, and to sense when a hacky sack is flying towards the back of my head.

For you, what makes Matmi special and sets us aside from competitors?

I’d have to say Matmi’s willingness to try new things, always looking for innovative solutions to clients briefs – never taking the easy route.

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