Clever Augmented Reality Campaigns

Clever Augmented Reality Campaigns

Augmented reality has given businesses and exciting new way to interact with their customers.

Instead of watching a television commercial, looking at an ad in a magazine, or seeing a quick web ad before your YouTube video, AR lets consumers actually interact with the brand.


Whether consumers are test driving a new car model, learning a new recipe, or playing a game, AR campaigns resonate with consumers in a way that most other ad platforms fall short. The ad becomes a game, versus just promotional material. And the product still comes across, which is, of course, the point of advertising.


More and more brands are starting to integrate AR campaigns into their ad budgets.  ABI Research estimates the market for augmented reality in the US will reach $350 million in 2014, which is up  from only $6 million in 2008.


Check out which brands have put out clever AR campaigns that got people talking.

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And lets not forget Matmi’s own AR product, The Smiler!

Matmi‘s insight:

In a world of smartphones augmented reality campaigns are a unique and innovative way for a business to engage with customers.

AR is set to be big business this year with more and more people starting to use the technology – Matmi have been at the forefront of this development – check out our gamified augmented reality app for Alton Towers. AR can deliver great results – want to know more? Get in touch!


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