Escape to Plastic Beach

Gorillaz | EMI

Matmi worked with EMI and Gorillaz on a pre-launch product to enhance the cyber reputation of the band, showcasing their unique virtual attributes and digital prowess. Our aim was to immerse new and existing fans in an experience of the album, its concepts, graphics & soundtracks – whilst introducing new revenue streams for EMI with paid apps.


iconStats1Yellow 2.4 million game plays in the first 12 months
iconGenericYellow Thousands of mobile app sales
iconUniqueUserYellow 26 years’ worth of online brand exposure in a year

Cute Pinball

Mac Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics teamed up with Matmi based on our track record in branded entertainment to promote its new make-up range, this was launched on the 1.6 million strong MAC Cosmetics’ Facebook page.  The campaign ran for just over 5 weeks to coincide with the “Quite Cute” promotion campaign, and had over 50,000 unique users in its first month with an average play time of 10 minutes.

iconStats1Yellow Over 50k plays
iconStats2Yellow Average of 10 mins per engagement
iconGenericYellow Social integration

Let it Flow

Comic Relief

We created a free viral game that promoted the Comic Relief brand – a mixture of fun and social responsibility.The game was browser based, and gained global success – it shot straight to the top of the Worldwide Viral Chart in 4 days, fittingly becoming No.1 on Red Nose Day.


iconAwardsYellow Winner of 6 awards
iconUsersYellow 19 Million+ engagements
iconDownloadsYellow Number 1 spot in the


Cambridge English Language

Matmi were approached by a division of The University of Cambridge to create a fun English language learning game aimed at young learners’ aged 7-12. Matmi developed a cross-platform, multilingual, interactive game called Funland with a kitsch fairground theme and a child friendly user interface.


iconStats1Yellow cross platform mobile / web
iconStats1Yellow learning and education
iconStats1Yellow competition element

Wizards vs. Aliens

CBBC | BBC Wales

Matmi were commissioned by BBC Wales Interactive and CBBC to create a brand new cross-platform HTML5 game for the popular children’s show Wizards vs. Aliens. The game was aimed at 6-12 year old’s, and intended to act as an extension to the much-loved TV show.


iconGenericYellow Brand extension
iconUniqueUserYellow Cross Platform Mobile / Web

Heritage Hunter

West Somerset Rail

The UK’s longest steam heritage railway, West Somerset Railway approached Matmi to create an app to promote sales of their Rover Ticket, entertain passengers, encourage new and existing visitors to explore all stations along the railway.  We created a fresh, innovative app which features a unique AR Scanner and an interactive treasure hunt along with a fully interactive 3D map of the historic route.


iconUniqueUserYellow AR Scanner
iconGenericYellow iOS / Android
iconUsersYellow Social Sharing

Flight of the Demons

Merlin / TBWA

TBWA approached Matmi to work collaboratively on a gamified solution for a mobile game to accompany the launch of Heide Park‘s new winged rollercoaster Flight of the Demons, the first of it’s kind in Germany. The game was created to enhance the pre-visit experience and create hype around the launch of the ride.


iconThumbYellow Facebook social sharing
iconGenericYellow iOS / Android


Howell Penny

Howell Penny approached Matmi to come up with a game to boost sales for their client, Appletiser. We felt that the best way to generate interest in the brand was by using the instant win formula, so everyone who played could win an Appletiser prize. This means anyone who plays is positively engaging with the brand and even possibly trying the product for the first time.


iconGenericYellow Instant win
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